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Abu Turing’s dad (Victor Bernedo Capon – Abu Turing is Rafa’s grand mother & Abu is short for Abuelita which means lola in Spanish). Neighbor of Fidel Castro and 2nd degree cousins. Arrived from Spain (Galicia) at 35 yrs old. In Galicia they were all having a hard time earning a living – they were nuts & raisin farmers.

They didn’t go to school and could barely read and write. He wanted to catch up to his brother (Husto) in the Philippines. Husto owned telephone system, bakery and copra business. Husto died of excitement when Victor arrived Philippines after 3 days.

  • Victor Capon

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  • Victor and Milagros’ wedding day. Simple… few people…

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  • Antonio Macia (Andalucía, Spain) & Feliza Gonzales (Filipina)

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  • Lolo Victor at 86yrs

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  • Family of Victor and Milagros

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Victor renounced his citizenship as a Spanish citizen so he could be a filipino and own property. Victor bought land in Sicayab, Dipolog and his wife (Milagros) started her own small copra business. He had to read on how to use a calculator and do math because he didn’t know how to – especially after he was tricked while doing business in his earlier years. Proctor & Gamble, Granex, Philippine Refining wanted to get him to run their copra business after some time in the Philippines.


That is where Nene (husband of Turing) came in to help and continue that copra business that Victor started. Nene was a cashier for sugar company in Tarlac. His son Alberto Miranda (father of Rafael Miranda) bought land in Dumaguete expanded the Copra business of his father (Nene). Business is still in operation to this very day. The compound where the business is, is also where they used to all live and that is what will become the hotel / B&B.